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Club Night Competition

2018-19 Season start Thursday 11th October 2018
and are open to all Financial Club Members.

Nominations are due by 4pm Tuesday before each Club Night.

To lodge your online nomination, click on the link for the applicable Club Night week number.

N.B If you wish to change your club night nomination or advise that you will not be attending this week,
please email our Club night official prior to club night

BBQ will be from 5.30 p.m. Marshalling for club nights will begin at 6:00 p.m. with races commencing soon after.

Qualifying Times
Stroke MUST progress to 50m after achieving these
25m times:
MAY progress to 100m after achieving these
50m times:
MAY swim 200/400m events after acheiving the following 100m times:
Freestyle 25 Secs 45 sec 1 min 40 sec
Backstroke 27 Secs 50 sec 1 min 50 sec
Breaststroke 28 Secs 55 sec 1 min 55 sec
Butterfly 25 Secs 50 sec 1 min 55 sec
IM     1 min 55 sec or 55 sec Fly
Swimmers do not have to start with the shorter distances (10 & 25m), however to ensure the smooth running of club nights, qualifying times must be met before swimmers are allowed to progress to longer distances. Proof of time may be required. Please refer to the handbook for further information.
Club Records at 15 March 2018

2018 / 2019 Club Night Program

Nomination Link Date Distance
Event 2
Event 3
Event 4
Week 1 11 Oct 2018 IM/Back Free Breast Back Entries
Week 2 18 Oct Free Fly Free Breast Entries
Week 3 25 Oct Breast/Fly Back Fly Free Entries
Week 4 1 Nov 400 Free/IM Breast Free Fly Entries
Week 5 8 Nov IM/Back Free Back Breast Entries
Week 6 15 Nov Breast/Fly Back Fly Free Entries
Week 7 22 Nov Free Breast Back Free Entries
Week 8 29 Nov IM/Back Fly Free Back Entries
Week 9 6 Dec 400 Free/IM Free Breast Fly Entries
Week 10 13 Dec Breast/Fly Back Free Breast Entries
Christmas Break
Week 11 31 Jan 2019 Free Breast Back Free Entries
Week 12 7 Feb Breast/Fly Back Free Fly Entries
Week 13 14 Feb IM/Back Free Breast Fly Entries
Week 14 21 Feb 400 Free/IM Back Free Breast Entries
Week 15 28 Feb Free Fly Back Free Entries
Week 16 7 Mar IM/Back Breast Free Fly Entries
Week 17 14 Mar Breast/Fly Free Fly Back Entries
Week 18 21 Mar Free Breast Free Fly Entries
TBC 23 March 2019 Club Championships Club Champs Individual Results
May 2019 Presentation Evening

Sprint and Distance events are calculated separately - there will be awards for Sprint Aggregate Points (Events 2, 3 and 4) and Distance Aggregate Points (Distance Event) presented separately at Trophy Night.

10m swims are Exhibition swims, so no points will be awarded.
(Eligible swimmers will receive an Encouragement award at Trophy Night)
Please refer to the handbook for further information.